P.S. Our support team will be more than happy to assist via live chat <bottom right on Home page> should you require further explanation.


  1. Click on the ‘LOG IN/REGISTER’ link on the top right of the Home page.
  2. Fill in all your personal information accordingly, then click Register.

  3. Being a part of SalmoNation means you will have EXCLUSIVE access to all updates regarding Bright Salmon London, including new collection, runway, promotion as well as early sale notification.


  1. Click on PRODUCTS to help find what you are looking for.

  2. Once you have found an item you wish to purchase, select your size and click on the ADD TO CART button underneath each item.

  3. Review the items in your shopping bag by clicking the CART link at the top of the page. You can use the “X” icon to delete items from your shopping bag.

  4. Click CHECK OUT to complete your order.


  1. After placing your item into the shopping bag, click CHECK OUT.

  2. You will then be directed to the delivery and billing address. Note that if you have registered an account, your address will already be input accordingly, unless you wish to make changes.

  3. On the same page following the delivery and home address, there will be an option for courier and payment method. You will then choose your preferred way of progressing with the transaction.

  4. On the first row, there is an option for BANK TRANSFER through BANK CENTRAL ASIA (BCA). When clicked through, customer could access the bank account information that they need to transfer to. In terms of payment confirmation, customers will receive an instruction after completing the order. Confirmation can be sent via WhatsApp or through a payment confirmation link provided.

  5. Second row consists of online payment gateway provided by MIDTRANS. Customer will be guided through for every chosen method. Options offered by Midtrans include:

    • Credit Card (Master/Visa/JCB),

    • ATM/Bank Transfer (Virtual Account for BNI, Permata, ) / ATM Bersama / Prima or Alto.

    • E-wallet (Go-PaY & Aku Laku)

  6. Once all information is correctly input, proceed to PLACE MY ORDER.

  7. It is IMPORTANT to note that, once order has been placed, you will NOT be able to edit/change the item, payment and delivery method. However, on special case, given the purchase has not been prepared or dispatched, you are able to raise your case to our team on Email (support@brightsalmonlondon.co.id) or Live chat (via WhatsApp and Line) for assistance.

  8. If none of the above options is accessible to you, kindly reach out to our team on Email (support@brightsalmonlondon.co.id) or Live chat (via WhatsApp) for assistance.