Vision Street Wear Returns With 20/20 Hindsight

Pioneering skate brand Vision Street Wear is back with a new collection of tees and hoodies for Summer 2020.

Founded in 1976 by Brad Dorfman, Vision began as a skateboard company producing boards and various parts for riders like Mark “Gator” Rogowski and Mark Gonzales. In the ’80s, Dorfman launched a clothing arm of the brand, Vision Street Wear, and found success for two-plus decades. After some time away building a cult-like following in Asia, Vision’s founder has returned to help revive the influential brand in the United States.

“We understand there’s something happening that just can’t be ignored anymore,” said the brand in a press release. “Words thrown around like ’new normal,’ cultural shifts in consciousness and a greater awareness of self have led to a better look at ourselves in the mirror. When we did, we figured now as good a time as any for a return to the culture. From roots in street movements to influencing generations to come, we’ve lived through ground level culture shifts. So while navigating the world now as it readies for another change, we were inspired to revisit our past by way of the future. What the world needs now is us. All of us. Only way to go from here is forward. Inward, upward, and onward.”

The collection itself appears in true Vision form with familiar graphics laid across the front and back of mostly black and white tops. All items are currently available at

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